For over 40 years, RichWrap has been providing top-quality holiday gift-giving solutions to our corporate, non-profit and other organizational customers. Year in and year out the satisfaction of those customers has been shown by over a 90% customer retention rate. Once a company gives RichWrap, they always give RichWrap.

Here is small sample of what our customers have said to us:

"Previously we sent gifts costing twice as much as RichWrap, but our customers prefer RichWrap. One customer said it was the best gift they received."

Midland, TX
Industrial Maintenance

"We have been sending Richwrap for over 20 years. Our customers tell us they really look forward to receiving it each year."

Toledo, OH
Commercial Printing

"Giving gifts to customers during the holiday season can get out of hand. Gift wrap is a nice way to wish a good customer a Merry Christmas and say thank you."

Salsbury, MD
Wholesale Paper

"I've sent many different gifts, but nothing even comes close the 'appreciation factor' of RichWrap gift wrap kits."

Sedona, AZ

"The response (to the RichWrap ensembles) has been one of astonishment. Thanks, RichWrap, for helping us say thanks."

St. Charles, IL
Non-Profit Service Agency

"Our customers start asking about your gift wrap before Thanksgiving. We couldn't stop giving out something that popular."

Hickory, NC

"Richwrap provides our customers and their families with a truly useful gift."

Phoenix, AZ

"Sending Richwrap is the perfect way to say thanks."

Salt Lake City, UT
Oil & Gas

"Our satisfaction with Richwrap is evidenced by the many years we've used your service."

Littleton, CO
Ranch & Farm Equipment