Richwrap Environmental Responsibility Statement

Since 1972, Richwrap has remained committed to treating our customers, our employees and our business associates with honesty and integrity. As an extension of this commitment, we are now taking significant strides to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, as well.

In our products, we commit to:

  • using only giftwrap patterns printed on ECO stock
  • producing all decorated cartons from sustainable materials
  • selecting wrapping accessory products produced from sustainable materials whenever possible

In our business operations, we commit to:

  • replacing paper communications with electronic communications whenever possible
  • recycling practices for all paper, cardboard, plastics, computer hardware and printing cartridges
  • operating our production plant with energy efficient lighting and heating
  • operating our production plant on a 4-day/40-hour work week schedule

In our business relationships we commit to:

  • encouraging all key suppliers to operate in an environmentally responsible manner
  • expanding our relationships with suppliers that demonstrate environmental responsibility 

In our client relationships, we commit to:

  • working closely with individual customers to design and assemble gift ensembles that demonstrate a commitment to providing environmentally responsible products