Quality and customer service are RichWrap’s main concerns. In order to make your gift-giving programs as easy as possible, RichWrap offers a convenient mailing service. You simply provide us with your gift list, choose from our custom holiday insert cards, and we take care of the rest. We will print your message at our facility and include the cards in the packages when we mail them.

Mailing services are $.80 per ensemble, plus shipping, for lists sent electronically via email or disc in an Excel file submitted in the correct format (ie. Each item of the address, including city, state and zip, should be in a separate cell).

$1.00 per ensemble, plus shipping, for lists submitted which need to be typed or manipulated by RichWrap to conform to the acceptable Excel format as described above.

For more information, please download this informational pdf.


In order to make your gift giving program as simple and sophisticated as possible, RichWrap allows you to include your own greeting card in your kits. Or, choose from our selection of custom holiday gift cards! We offer two options: “Happy Holidays” and “A Gift of Gratitude.” By using Richwrap's custom cards you can easily include your holiday greeting with every RichWrap ensemble you send. When you place your order with RichWrap, simply indicate the name of the card you wish to send and the greeting you want printed. We will print the cards and insert them in your ensembles, saving you time, effort and money.


If you are ready to submit your mailing list, click here to do so online.