What is RichWrap?
RichWrap is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of gift wrap ensembles. We carry out all of our converting, assembly and fulfillment operations from a modern 32,000 square foot facility located 45 miles west of Chicago in Elburn, IL.

What are Giftwrap Ensembles?
Giftwrap ensembles are everything needed to wrap distinctive gifts. Each ensemble is comprised of heavy weight giftwrap, coordinated wrapping accessories, tissue, gift cards, and most ensembles even include tape. Every Richwrap product comes packaged in a beautifully decorated gift box with an individual corrugated mailing sleeve.

How many Giftwrap Ensembles does RichWrap offer?
RichWrap provides 12 ensembles from which to choose, both holiday and all-occasion: 12 roll, 9 roll, 6 roll and 4 roll models.

When do you deliver RichWrap ensembles?
We encourage our customers to send their ensembles just after Thanksgiving.

What is the price range of the RichWrap Gift Wrap Ensembles?
RichWrap offers products for every gift budget priced, starting under $10. Even with such a wide range of costs, the quality remains consistent throughout all RichWrap products. Every ensemble is created from the same high quality, heavy weight paper and foil patterns and coordinating accessories. Contact us for pricing on specific ensembles.

Who buys RichWrap Gift Wrap Ensembles?
Anyone! RichWrap is primarily sold to companies of all sizes to be used in their corporate gifting programs, but individuals buy them as well. RichWrap is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a truly innovative way to say thank you or happy holidays to customers, employees and friends.

Are RichWrap Gift Wrap Ensembles sold in stores?
No. RichWrap does not sell retail. Top quality products and services are our main concern.

Can RichWrap Ensembles be given to men?
Yes. 85% of RichWrap recipients are men. When a man takes home an ensemble the entire family will enjoy the use of a unique gift.

What are the benefits of giving RichWrap Gift Wrap Ensembles?
RichWrap ensembles are the first gift of the season to be received. We encourage our customers to send their ensembles just after Thanksgiving, which increases their memorability and value.

Can RichWrap Ensembles be given year after year?
Certainly. Many of our earliest customers still enthusiastically send RichWrap ensembles today. Year after year, over 90% of our customers repeat their orders.

Many of our customers have consciously made RichWrap Ensembles an integral part of their corporate identity programs. Every year all our ensembles are redesigned with fresh new gift wrap patterns and newly coordinated wrapping accessories. Each new package represents the newest innovative wrapping materials available.

Can RichWrap provide a hassle-free gift giving experience?
Absolutely. Our convenient mailing service makes your gifting program the easiest part of your holiday season. It allows us to do all the work for you.

What is RichWrap’s stance on the environment?
RichWrap is making strides toward full sustainability as a business, including environmental and operational practices. By 2010, we aim to print all of our giftwrap on ECO stock paper and also have our shipping cartons made from sustainable resources. As in the past, we value our relationships and have a list of sustainable business operations to ensure we are treating our employees, community, and clients with dignity and respect. For more on our stance, please see our Sustainability page.

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